Kallithea Fokida is one of the many villages of Greece with the same name. But no one else responds to its name, as much as this beautiful and enchanting village. This is because the unprecedented and amazing view of its righteousness gave it the nickname "BALKONI OF THE CORINTHIA".
  It is located at an altitude of 750 meters from the sea, on the side of a rock-covered mountain, amphitheatrically built and overlooks the entire north side of the Peloponnese, from Isthmia to Kefalonia.
  Anyone who has visited it, carries the panoramic view, the rare images of nature and the sunset of the sun. He does not forget the perennial plane tree and he enjoys the gentle caress that comes from Giona and the trodden Vardousia. Anyone who was not lucky to look at the "Balcony of the Corinthian" is poor in images that the painter of nature has crafted.
  Access to Kallithea is easy: Connected by a paved road from Agios Spyridon 10 km, with the Nafpaktos-Itea road line, it is suitable for daily visits and travels by the lovers of nature.

 The Corinthian balcony, the village of Kallithea with the unique view from Corinth to Kefalonia and "Platanos" a natural history monument.